segunda-feira, 20 de setembro de 2010

Faial (II)

Just some days after the expedition to São Jorge, it was time to go back to Faial to get the pitfall traps, with Pardal. We decided to head first to the Cabeço do Fogo transects. On day 1 we did these transects and on day 2 we did the Caldeira transects (ahh the Caldeira, what a nice hike again) and so, we had 1 free day to have a touristic tour around the island, with a lot of stops for geocaching - of course!
We visited Praia do Almoxarife and the North-East area of the island, where there were many wrecked buildings to the common earthquakes. According to Pardal, that area is one of the most unstable areas of the island and it is not recommended to live there.
Among the most interesting sites of Faial, the Capelinhos area is by far one of the most interesting as from one moment you are in a typical humid azorean area, with loads of green, and suddenly you see yourself in the desert! Very nice!
Not very far Capelinhos and Cabeço do Fogo there is Furna Ruim, where we stopped by to see the Furna and to log a cache.We took the time to go to Varadouro on our way back to Horta, where there were some natural pools. I didn't take my swim shorts, but maybe next time I visit the island I won't forget them because it was a nice place to swim. And yup - you guessed - another cache! After this stop, and still en route to Horta, Feteira had the next one, that was successfully found between Erica bushes guarded by a lot of Argiope bruennichi! Regarding geocaching, Faial contributed with 4 marbles to add to my marble collection.
A final note to the Horta marina, widely known for its paintings. I had the chance to visit this site previously, but since this expedition has a greater cultural and touristic component due to the interactions with Pardal, a great conoisseur of all the Azorean sites, and the absence of Paulo, so this is the the right post to insert a picture of the Marina.

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